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Imagine being the new kid at school. You’ve turned up to school in a fresh new uniform only to find the other kids in jeans because it’s mufti. You can’t find the toilet block, all your belongings are still packed in a box, and you left all your friends at your last school. You smile at every strange face and you feel like you’re wearing a neon sign that says, ‘I’m new, please like me!

That can be the reality sometimes if your folks move towns for work and you've gotta leave behind your old mates and change schools. It's pretty daunting, but there are some tips to make settling into a new school easier.

  * Do some planning: If you know where to go on your first day, that's one source of stress dealt with.

* Talk to your parents: If you are feeling nervous, or lonely at your new school your folks will be happy to help you through it.

* Keep your hobbies going: If you were in the rugby team at your old school, keep playing at your new school. Doing stuff you enjoy helps you setlle in and meet people with the same interests as you.

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